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Anger is a normal emotion for all of us, but at times it can be too intense to manage. Has someone ever told you that you need anger management? Perhaps you have noticed frequent frustration, excessive conflict in relationships, regrets, aggressive or abusive behavior, or even legal involvement. If this is something you’ve been experiencing then you may benefit from anger management treatment. The Pauquette Center provides both assessment and treatment of anger management, for perpetrators of domestic violence and individuals with anger issues.


Individuals are typically referred for an Assessment by a judge, lawyer, probation and parole agent, employer, or school personnel. This assessment is conducted by a clinician licensed to treat both AODA and mental health issues. It typically requires one session.

Upon completion of the assessment, the clinician sends the referring agency a letter that specifies treatment recommendations, such as “Group Therapy” or Outpatient Individual Therapy.

Consumers are responsible for all fees associated with the Assessment process.


Treatment for anger management can be in the form of individual or group psychotherapy sessions. Using strategies such as identifying thoughts that escalate vs de-escalate anger, validating emotion, and mindfulness, can reduce the intensity of the anger and influence our ability to make better decisions when we’re angry.

Our group-therapy is designed for men with a history of domestic violence and/or significant anger issues.

It is led by a State Certified Batterer Treatment Provider and meets the state standards for offender intervention.

The core curriculum of this group is psycho-educational and addresses anger, violence, power and control, and healthy relationships. The group meets one hour per week for 24 weeks.


The Pauquette Center also offers services to women and men who may have experienced domestic violence in their relationships, which may include being put-down, called names, ignored, isolated, pressured into doing things, blamed for others’ feelings or behaviors, and other forms of domestic violence not just limited to physical abuse.

Domestic violence is about a pattern of controlling behavior used against the other person to maintain control over them. Unfortunately society’s perception is still that it is only about bruises and black eyes.

Many people in these relationships don’t necessarily define their experience as “domestic violence”, but rather they are able to identify frequent conflict, a sense of worthlessness, self-doubt, or feeling crazy. They may feel like their relationship problems are all their fault and they might feel ashamed to talk about it.

There is recovery and healthy relationships beyond surviving domestic violence. Counseling provides a safe place for people to talk about their experiences and heal towards recovery.

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