Parents holding hands with two children walking down the sidewalk

Parenting can be challenging, no matter how much you love your child/children. That is why Pauquette believes that it is important to provide parenting support. Parents are asked to attend an intake session to provide information regarding the mental health concern of the child/adolescent. After the intake, Parents are often collaborated with during treatment, which includes providing parenting strategies that will be helpful for the child/adolescent. Pauquette clinicians also meet with parents who find it difficult to parent related to their own mental health concerns and provide consultation on parenting techniques that would be helpful for the family culture. Some key parenting skills that we would work on include consistency, teaching and maintaining healthy boundaries, love, and nurturing, in order to build healthy relationships.


Pauquette Center offers individual psychotherapy for children, such as play therapy, as well as supportive parenting. For younger children parents will be more involved during the treatment process. For older adolescents, the therapeutic relationship relies on confidentiality and trust more heavily. Nevertheless, we make sure parents are still incorporated into the process of change when necessary for older adolescents.

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