The Pauquette Center provides both assessment and treatment for perpetrators of domestic violence and individuals with anger problems.

Domestic Violence / Anger Management Assessment

Individuals are typically referred for a Domestic Violence / Anger Management Assessment by a judge, lawyer, probation and parole agent, employer, or school personnel. This assessment is conducted by a clinician licensed to treat both AODA and mental health issues. It typically requires one session.

Upon completion of the assessment, the clinician sends the referring agency a letter that specifies treatment recommendations, such as “Domestic Violence / Anger Management Group Therapy” or Outpatient Individual Therapy.

Consumers are responsible for all fees associated with the Domestic Violence / Anger Management Assessment process.

Domestic Violence / Anger Management Group Therapy

This group is designed for men with a history of domestic violence and/or significant anger issues.

It is led by a State Certified Batterer Treatment Provider and meets the state standards for offender intervention.

The core curriculum of this group is psychoeducational and addresses anger, violence, power and control, and healthy relationships. The group meets one hour per week for 24 weeks.

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