black and white image of woman who has been through trauma


Trauma is psychological damage that one incurs as a result of a distressing event that may feel too overwhelming to deal with. It is an emotional response to a damaging event that can result in mood swings and flashbacks. These can be triggered by normal everyday situations that remind us of the event itself, convincing us that we are in danger again. Trauma symptoms may include having nightmares, intrusive anxiety, panic attacks, self-blame or guilt, or even difficulty in naming the experience as trauma or abuse.


If you have trauma you can greatly benefit from receiving proper treatment. At the Pauquette Center we use psychotherapy to help treat individuals who experience trauma or abuse. Treating trauma in psychotherapy means validating one’s experiences and emotions and learning coping skills to deal with the stuck emotions. We work with you so you can learn from the experiences and get better at learning to let them go.

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