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Personality Disorders describe a way of thinking and behaving that people learn growing up in order to get their needs met, but as adults this style interferes with healthy relationships, maintaining jobs, communicating effectively, or having stable mental health. Personality disorders are characterized into three categories: These categories are odd or eccentric behaviors, emotional and unpredictable behaviors, and anxious/fearful behaviors.


Pauquette clinicians provide assessment and treatment for a variety of diagnoses including personality disorders. Psychological evaluation referrals focus on differential diagnoses for personality disorders and other clinical presentations. These evaluations provide an in-depth exploration at how the personality disorder impacts the individual. Once all evaluations have been completed, we will recommend personalized treatment referrals.


Clinicians provide evidence-based treatment focusing on pervasive difficulties functioning in multiple settings. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is one evidence-based approach for personality disorders that is provided through Pauquette. Multiple clinicians are trained to provide this treatment and regularly participate in consultation teams for the purpose of providing the best treatment possible. DBT focuses on teaching clients how to regulate their emotions, incorporate mindfulness in their life, develop healthy relationships, and increase sense of self. Clients can participate in either informed DBT or full adherent DBT. Informed DBT can include either individual therapy and/or skills training group. Full adherent DBT includes individual sessions, skills training groups, and skills coaching outside of regularly scheduled business hours.

If you believe you may have a personality disorder contact the Pauquette Center. We will work with you to perform an initial assessment and provide any recommended treatment.

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