Obsessive thinking is experiencing repetitive thoughts that may be distracting, out of control, and interfering with daily tasks. It may include dwelling or rumination about events in the past or anxiety about the future. Most people have some form of obsessive thoughts. The problem starts when you start taking those thoughts literally or begin to act on them. Once that starts to happen seeking treatment can help lower your anxiety and stop you from dwelling on things.


Treating obsessive thinking can be done by cognitive-behavioral therapy that teaches better control of thoughts and feelings. We can challenge our beliefs and assumptions that fuel the obsessive thoughts and interrupt those repetitive thoughts. This can help us better tolerating the discomfort, and therefore diffuse the intensity. Sometimes it requires us to be more realistic about our expectations and accept things we can’t control.

If you feel you have obsessive thinking that is impacting your daily life contact the Pauquette Center. We have multiple locations throughout Wisconsin, and are here to help you.


Compulsive behaviors are behaviors that we do repetitively that result in negative consequences in our daily lives. This could include shopping, eating, exercising, gambling, or having sex. Often people engage in compulsive behaviors with the intention of reducing their anxiety. Often these behaviors reduce anxiety temporarily, but in the long run, they may lead to debilitating or dangerous outcome. Symptoms of compulsive behavior may include experiencing an intense urge to do the behavior, feeling like you can’t control the behavior, and repeating the behavior despite harmful consequences to yourself and others.


Treatment for compulsive behaviors means addressing underlying causes of addictive behaviors or compulsions in psychotherapy. By receiving treatment for these behaviors, you can learn to better control your actions, and prevent these behaviors from controlling your life.

If you think you might have compulsive behaviors and need help please reach out to the team at the Pauquette Center. We will work with you to get you the help you need.

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