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Many local employers have contracted the Pauquette Center to provide an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for their staff members. The EAP program, services, and counseling is a confidential service available to employees and their immediate family – at no cost to them.

The goal of our EAP services is to promote employee well-being and to optimize job performance by offering EAP counseling to employees who are experiencing personal problems.

Issues that are commonly addressed through our EAP program and EAP services include:

  • Emotional and Personal Concerns

    • Relationship Problems
    • Anxiety
    • Depressions
    • Grief and Loss
    • Trauma
    • Behavioral Concerns
  • Marriage and Family

  • Job Concerns

    • Work Performance Problems
    • Absenteeism
    • Frequent Job Changes
    • Workplace Stress
    • Job Dissatisfaction
    • Communication Difficulties with Co-workers
  • Assistance with Financial or Budgeting Referral Services

  • Assistance with Legal Referral Services

  • Assistance with Housing and Home Ownership Referral Services

  • Crisis Intervention when a Crisis or Traumatic Event has Occurred

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