Navigating from childhood to adulthood can be a stressful time for adolescents and their families. This may result in adolescent behavior problems that can include violence, running away, substance abuse, depressions, anxiety, eating disorders and more. If your child is exhibiting signs and symptoms of a mental health issue it is important to seek help.


Psychotherapy is able to help adolescents with their behavior problems. Psychotherapy helps by allowing adolescents navigate their problem behaviors as they work toward finding their personal identity and manage various relationships as they move toward adulthood. 

If your child has a substance abuse problem psychotherapy can help regardless of the substance being used. Adolescents that are struggling to stop using substances will take a mindful approach in psychotherapy, which can help them get sober and maintain it.

Paquette Center understands that adolescent behavior problems are complex and require special care and treatment. That is why we have licensed child and teen psychologists to help. If you have an adolescent who is struggling with behavior problems contact us to learn more about our facilities and programs.

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