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Autism is a profound disturbance in a person's ability to relate to others socially, often accompanied by developmental delays and repetitive, unusual behaviors. Rates of autism on the rise in the past 20 years, approximately 1 out of every 150 children with this diagnosis nationwide. Pauquette providers can help with assessment and management of individuals with this disorder at any age, collaborating with schools, medical providers, and specialized service agencies
Pauquette can help at any stage in the divorce process – prior to divorce papers being filed or physical separation taking place, during the legal process, and at any time after the divorce is final. Pauquette has providers to work with adults and children affected by divorce. Adults can come in to work on their own issues related to the divorce, or to receive guidance on how to help their children cope with the divorce, what is the best placement schedule for their child and circumstances, etc. Adults can also meet together with their children's other parent to work on their coparenting relationship.
There have been a number of sudden, tragic deaths in Sauk County this summer, including the first drowning in Devil's Lake in 8 years. Grief is a significant emotion for anyone to struggle with, and can often lead to depression if complicated by feelings of anger or guilt. Our therapists at Pauquette Center can help persons of any age who have experienced the loss of a loved one, providing the tools needed to work through grief toward resolution and preventing the onset of depression.
School achievement
Pauquette has several providers who can work with children and teens to determine the factors contributing to problems in school and poor grades. Pauquette providers can craft a comprehensive treatment plan to address the pertinent issues, collaborating with school staff and medical providers as needed, to help the student achieve to their best potential and be happy in school.
A topic in the news in Sauk County this summer has been two teenage boys who ran away from home and were missing for several days. The teen years are a time when many emotional and behavioral issues emerge. However, teens are often not willing to seek psychotherapy voluntarily. At Pauquette, we encourage parents, grandparents, or others concerned about a teen to come in for their own psychotherapy and guidance. We can provide you with skills for supporting and helping your teen, even if your teen does not want to seek help for themselves.